The history of the Rammygram is not that long and not that illustrious but is definitely interesting.

Since the dawn of email, man has been forwarding funnies. Sometimes these were not quite that funny. Other times they were downright stupid. Sometimes they even got someone shunned or harmed.

Since then in 2001 a buddy of mine, Darvell Rowley, started a mailing list where he fixed this issue by filtering out the junk and forwarding the stuff that he thought was worthy. This continued to sometime in early 2003. At that time Jason Rammelsberg started a mailing list to which people could subscribe to Rammygrams, Forwarded funny / interesting email to lighten up the days monotony.
Then when Jason Rammelsberg, Darvell Rowley, and the rest of the E2E group working with Microsoft had their jobs transferred to India, it became a good way to keep everyone connected.  Since that time, we have all gone our separate ways, some continue to send in email that become Rammygrams.

We are happy to accept possible Rammygrams from anyone who feels that they have a worthy contribution.  Simply email those to Jason.

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