Found by: The Rammy

Top Gear is one of my favorite shows on TV.  It is on BBC America and is usually pretty dang funny!  The other night I was packing for a trip to California and needed something to watch so I just grabbed an episode of Top Gear I hadn’t seen off my DVR.  When this segment came on, I had to stop packing I was laughing so hard.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Here is also a link to it on Youtube

Submitted by: He who wishes to remain anonymous

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Download Brazilian Toyota Commercial

Sent by: Lindsey Welker

Check out this beautiful car… mmmm Bugatti!!! The fastest street legal production car in the world!

  • 253 MPH
  • 10 Radiators
  • 16 Cylinders
  • 4 Turbo Chargers
  • 1001 Horsepower!!!
  • By the way, my birthday is August 30 and you can ship it directly to my home in Utah!

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