Submitted by: Deena Rammelsberg

Everyone Loves Guns n Roses!

I will slap you silly!

Born to Rock!

Sup G!

Is that edible?

On second thought…

That’s right Baby…. I still got it!

Rice cereal!?  I don’t need no more stinking rice cereal!


I can’t believe this place.

Tonight you die in your sleep!

Tell me she did  NOT say that!!

Submitted by: Abby Wright

Submitted by: Holly Paulsen

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Submitted by: He who wishes to remain anonymous


Found By the Rammy:

I saw them on Nightline a couple of months ago.  This is an amazing story of an great teacher at PS22 in New York City and how he is inspiring young lives.

Here are their links:
The Blog –
The You Tube Channel –

The Nightline Story

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The Chorus Performing Landslide by Fleetwood Mac

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The Chorus Performing Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

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