Jed Wilson

Submitted by: Jed Wilson

So a young man is applying for his first job, and the manager of the All-In-One Superstore decides to give the kid a chance, telling him “I’ll give you a day to prove yourself”

Well, it’s the kid’s first day and about lunchtime the manager decides to check in on how the kid’s doing. He finds the kid in the fishing tackle aisle completely involved with serving a customer, so he continues on his way content that the kid is at least doing something productive.

At the end of business the manager calls the kid into his office an inquires how he has done for the day.

The kid says “well, I made one sale!”

Manager replies “Only one? Our average sales clerk makes at least a dozen per day”

The kid says “Well, it was for $117,547.00”

The manager’s jaw hits the floor “$117,547?!? What did you sell?”

“Well,” says the kid, “I sold this guy a few lures, and then was like ‘You’re gonna need a rod n’ reel to go with these lures, right?’ … So I sold him a new Fenwick rod with a nice Mitchell reel. ”

“Then I asked him if he needed a boat to get the most outta his new tackle, and he said yeah… so I sold him a nice new boat which would meet his needs.”

“…and he needed a trailer to get his new boat to the water, so we went and looked at trailers. Then I asked him if he’d be able to pull his new boat with the car he was driving, and of course the answer was ‘No’, so I sold him a new Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition.”

The manager can’t believe what he’s hearing. “So this guy came in looking for some fishing lures, and you sold him a BOAT & TRUCK!!?”

“Nah,” says the kid, “He came in looking for some tampons… ”

I told him “Dude, your weekend’s already screwed, you might as well go fishing!”